Damwon KIA vs Gen.G Prediction

Analysis & Betting Tips for the opening match of LCK

Posted on March 15, 2021 - Last Updated on March 18, 2021

Damwon KIA is the dominant force in the South Korean LCK. The reigning League of Legends World champions have already secured qualification to the playoffs. This grants them direct access to the semi finals, while Gen.G still have to go through the quarterfinals. The latter are still well-positioned to finish in the second place that will see them join DWG in the second to last act of the tournament. That’s why this team vs team clash is far more important for the one sitting in the second place of the LCK.

Damwon KIA and Gen.G – Team vs Team Analysis 

The League of Legends week starts on Thursday in South Korea and Damwon KIA vs Gen.G is the opening match. DWG are the leaders and arguably the strongest League of Legends team in South Korea. They are, however, lacking motivation to throw everything they’ve got in the remaining matches. They have already secured first place and can afford to experiment a little bit with different champions. Damwon doesn’t have any incentive to reveal its strongest hands in the final games of the regular season.

Gen.G on the other hand are highly motivated to win all the remaining games. This is arguably the most difficult one but they’ve got some strong fundamentals in their favor. They dominate Damwon at every chapter except for total number of wins. In this team vs team analysis, Gen.G have a better First Blood, First Tower and First Dragon percentage. In each of these LoL betting categories they have at least 10% ahead of DWG. If you bet at Unikrn on Gen.G to cause an upset you enjoy excellent odds of 3.10.

Damwon Gaming
LCK 2021
South Korea
Odds: 3.00 @ Unikrn
Prediction: Gen.G to Win
Potential Profit: Bet €10 and Win €30
Type of Bet: Match Winner
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Hanhwa Life Chase Second-Place vs KT Rolster

The other team vs team clash of the day that can determine the one finishing in the second place involves Hanhwa Life and KT Rolster. The latter struggle to keep their playoffs hopes alive by defending the sixth place, they currently occupy. KT Rolster still have an edge overall in the head to head series, but Hanhwa Life is the better team this season. We trust them to win the series, but because of the high stakes we prefer a bet on the 2-1 correct score.  Luckbox offers odds of 2.80 on a narrow margin win for a HLE win.

Hanwha Life
KT Rolster
LCS 2021
South Korea
Odds: 2.80 @ Luckbox
Prediction: Hanhwa Life to win 2-1
Potential Profit: Bet €10 and Win €28
Type of Bet: Correct Score
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