CSGO Betting Odds – Find The Best CSGO Odds

CSGO Betting Odds – Find The Best CSGO Odds

December 11, 2020

Welcome to our guide to CSGO betting odds. You’re not going to be able to successfully enjoy betting on Counter Strike Global Offensive unless you have a good understanding of how odds work. So we’ll have CSGO odds explained in simple terms that anybody can understand. So that whether you’re looking to bet on Counter Strike at the next ESL One event or are just planning to bet on streamers, you’ll know what qualifies as a good quality bet.

CSGO has quite rightly become one of the biggest esports in the world. While this first-person shooter was released by Valve way back in 2012, its popularity as an esport has given it a whole new lease of life.

This is because Counter Strike is effectively a team sport. Although the violent action might look a little different from a regular sport, it’s just as easy to bet on as anything from football to basketball. This means that you’ll simply be able to make your prediction of the CSGO scores and look forward to making some decent wins. A great way to add some excitement to your streaming entertainment.

GameDate & Tournament
Teams & Odds
Bet Now
American Odds Format:
15/01/2021 09:10
Shadow League Season 1
Sangal Esports
15/01/2021 12:00
Shadow League Season 1
15/01/2021 15:00
Shadow League Season 1
Budapest Five
15/01/2021 18:00
Shadow League Season 1
Project X
Young Ninjas
16/01/2021 09:00
Shadow League Season 1
Lyngby Vikings
16/01/2021 12:00
Shadow League Season 1
16/01/2021 15:00
Shadow League Season 1
NAVI Junior
Invictus Gaming Int.
16/01/2021 18:00
Shadow League Season 1
Case Esports
15/01/2021 12:10
Vulkan Fight Series
Nemiga Gaming
15/01/2021 15:30
Vulkan Fight Series
15/01/2021 15:00
Elisa Nordic Championship 2021 - Finland
15/01/2021 18:00
Elisa Nordic Championship 2021 - Finland
15/01/2021 17:00
UNITED Pro Series Winter 2020
15/01/2021 20:00
UNITED Pro Series Winter 2020
No Limit Gaming
touch the crown
15/01/2021 19:00
Umzansi Esports League
16/01/2021 19:00
Umzansi Esports League
Royalty Esports
17/01/2021 19:00
Umzansi Esports League
Ex-Online Kingdom
Energy Esports
17/01/2021 11:30
ESL Meisterschaft Autumn 2020
eSport Rhein-Neckar
17/01/2021 15:00
ESL Meisterschaft Autumn 2020
19/01/2021 15:30
BLAST Premier Global Finals 2020
Evil Geniuses

How do CSGO odds work for different betting markets?

So let’s take a look at what CSGO betting odds represent with a couple of examples. These will represent the CSGO betting odds today’s most popular bookmakers are likely to include. For these examples, we’ll use decimal odds rather than fractional or American odds. This is because decimal odds are probably the easiest odds format to use for those who are new to esports betting.

CSGO match winner bets

Let’s imagine that Team A are the favourites and Team B are the underdogs. Team A had CSGO odds of 2.00 and Team B had odds of 3.00.

If you bet £10 on Team A to win at odds of 2.00 and they’d won, you would get £30 back. This would be the £20 in winnings, and the £10 of your original stake.

However, if you bet £10 on Team B on odds of 3.00 and they’d won, you will get a return of £40. Again, this would be £30 in profits and your original £10 stake.

This shows how you will get bigger profits from making riskier bets. It’s easy to take a look at the CSGO odds to see which team is most likely to win. If you see a team with lower odds like 1.50, then they are much more likely to win than a team with odds of 7.25. But obviously, you’ll make more profits by betting on the team with the higher odds. So if you were asking ‘Can you make real money on CSGO?’, the answer is a definite yes.

CSGO match winner odds unikrn

Taking outright bets on CSGO

Of course, you can take much more long-range bets on Counter Strike. Many people will like to bet on who will win the overall contest. This could be anything for a Counter Strike tournament at ESL One or the Intel Extreme Masters.

Let’s imagine that you wanted to bet on who would win a CSGO tournament at DreamHack out of Astralis who had odds of 3.00 and MiBR who had odds of 7.00. You’ll be more likely to win by backing Astralis, but you’d stand to make bigger wins by betting on MiBR. All of which shows that CSGO betting is all about balancing risk.

Other popular Counter Strike betting markets

Like many traditional sports, CSGO is a game that has lots of different variables that can be bet on. Here are some of the most popular alternative betting markets for Counter Strike.

  • Betting on maps: This means that you could bet on things like which team will win the first map and so on. You might also be able to take an over/under bet on what the total score of maps won will be.
  • Betting on kills: This allows you to bet on which team will get the first kill, who will be the first team to get to five kills, and so on. A great way to put your knowledge of the best CSGO teams to the test.
  • Handicap betting: This means that a team will be put at a points advantage or disadvantage. It’s a great way to get better odds when you want to bet on the favourite. The points disadvantage would mean that they’d have to win by a greater margin, but you’d make better wins as a result.

CSGO special betting markets luckbox

Why bookmakers have different CSGO betting odds

You may be wondering why some bookmakers are able to put on better CSGO Vegas odds than others. This is because these betting sites are willing to lower their betting margins. As such, they would be making less of a profit from your losing bets, but they would be hoping to get more customers as a result.

Betting margins are put in place by bookmakers to ensure that they stay in business even if lots of people win their bets. We’ll be on hand to show you to those betting sites who feature low betting margins so that you can take advantage of some excellent CSGO bets. Just remember that sites with low betting margins might have less in the way of betting bonuses.

Trusted CSGO gambling sites with awesome CSGO odds

As Counter Strike is one of the world’s most popular esports, there should be no shortage of betting sites serving up odds for this first-person shooter. Many people will choose to go to a regular online sportsbook like Betway or Pinnacle as such sites are able to use their sheer size to give you some very competitive CSGO bets.

However, there are plenty of dedicated esports betting sites that are definitely worth a look. By going to sites like Unikrn, GG.bet or Luckbox, you might be able to find anything from more specialist betting markets to free Twitch live streaming embedded in the site.

Just remember to do plenty of shopping around to make sure that you’re getting the best CSGO betting odds possible. Thankfully our comparison gives you an easy way to see all of the best Counter Strike odds currently on the market.

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Why you should bet on CSGO live odds

When you’re deciding which CSGO odds to bet on, it’s definitely a good idea to keep live betting odds in your mind. These allow you to bet live on Counter Strike even after the match has kicked off. Not only is this exciting, but it can also open you up to getting better value CSGO bets.

For example, if you want to bet on the clear favourite, you might not get very good odds if you were to bet prematch. But if you waited until the match was underway, you might find that the CSGO live odds had gotten a little more generous. All of which could help you make marginally better wins with the CSGO live odds.

csgo live odds

CSGO betting odds for the biggest Counter Strike tournaments

If you want to get the best value CSGO odds, then the chances are that you’ll want to bet on the biggest Counter Strike tournaments. This is because these massive gaming events will attract more viewers which in turn means that they’ll attract more bookmakers who attempt to encourage people to put down some Counter Strike bets. Here are just a handful of major CSGO tournaments where you’ll find bookmakers offering some great value bets.

  • Intel Extreme Masters
  • ESL One
  • FaceIt Major
  • DreamHack
  • StarLadder

CSGO betting odds with a difference

We should mention the fact that there are more ways that you can bet on CSGO appearing all of the time. So far we’ve been focusing on standard CSGO Vegas odds, but some bookmakers have been offering a few more innovative betting options. Here’s a quick overview of some great new ways that you can enjoy betting on CSGO.

  • Fantasy CSGO betting – This gives you a great way to build your own fantasy esports team to compete in tournaments with other gamers. You do this by assembling your own team while staying under the salary cap. There won’t be any odds involved, as you win by picking up more points than other people’s CSGO fantasy The amount of points you pick up reflects how esports stars perform in real-life tournaments. Take a look at the DraftKings esports betting service for a great example.
  • Twitch betting – Some betting sites will allow you to bet on the gameplay of streamers, even if they aren’t involved in regular CSGO tournaments. This might be a little different to regular CSGO betting, but it means that you’re likely to get a way to bet on Counter Strike 24/7.
  • Bet on your own gameplay – We’ve even seen some bookmakers who allow you to bet on your own CSGO gameplay. The Unikrn UMode service is a great example of this. All of which shows that there’s an endless range of ways that you can enjoy betting on Counter Strike.