Copa America 2021 Predictions

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Posted on June 13, 2021 - Last Updated on December 16, 2021

Copa America is one of the biggest tournaments worldwide when it comes to football! Besides, it is also one of the oldest ones and is paired with the Euro Cup this 2021.

The Copa 2021 is the 47th edition of the tournament and features the most important teams of the new continent. Today we will talk a bit more about Copa America 2021 predictions and tell you about the great Copa America offers that Luckbox has now.

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Copa America Schedule & Format

Copa America is set to start on Sunday 13th of June 2021 featuring the matches of Venezuela-Brazil and Colombia-Ecuador and is settled to finish with the final match on July 10th.

The cup has a different format than the usual for sports tournaments when it comes to how the teams are selected for the first matches. Instead of a point format; the group’s stage is divided into two sections: Zona Norte and Zona Sur.

In the Zona Norte Group, the teams representing Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Brazil are participating for a place in the eliminatory stage.

Furthermore, the Zona Sur group is formed with the representatives of Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina.

Moving on, due to the few teams present, the eliminatory phase is started directly in the Quarter-finals with the top 4 teams based on a point system. Besides, if 2 or more teams are tied when based on points, certain criteria apply to settle the most advantaged team to the brackets.

The final match will be taking place on the 10th of July, in one of the most important stadiums in Brazil, the Maracana, where no other game will be played until the final round. Copa America 2021 predictions are kind of hard to make as some countries have managed to get their full team playing, but others have some issues related to COVID, but it’s perfect to sit down and wait.


Copa America 2021 predictions

Who should I bet for in Copa America?

Here’s where things get interesting, especially for those who are looking forward to making a bet. You can start making your predictions and use the Luckbox bonus to have more earnings. The bonus is perfect as people can get a 150% bonus just by using the code GOALS21!

Therefore, you need to prepare yourself for what’s coming. We know that some teams are better than others, but there can always be some surprises on the way to the final match. Even though that might happen, in our Luckbox review we found some odds that players can use in their favor to make some bets.

To be fair, we know that one of the strongest teams participating in Copa America is, without a doubt, Brazil. The five times WorldCup winner is showing once again why they have a lot of potentials, and they are the favorites to win the tournament once again.

But other teams have the potential to take the trophy to their countries, such as Argentina, or Chile, even Uruguay can be one of those favorites in this tournament.

So, in case you are looking forward to betting and taking advantage of the Luckbox bonus, here you have the Copa America 2021 odds that you should consider about the tournament winner for Copa America 2021 predictions:

  • Brazil, 2.33.
  • Argentina, 4.00.
  • Uruguay, 9.00.
  • Chile, 15.00.
  • Colombia, 8.00.

Even though Colombia seems more favorite than Uruguay and Chile, both teams have the potential to be Copa America favorites, so we will need to wait for what will happen in the tournament.

Who will get reach the final phase?

One of the biggest “inconvenient” for the teams is that they have to push themselves to the limit to get through the next stage, but that’s just how things work in football. Just to remind people how it works, the first four teams of each group will pass to the knockout phase, there are no exceptions to this rule so consider this sections as major Copa America betting tips.

  • In group A, we have Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay, and we are pretty sure that Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Paraguay will get to the next stage.
  • In group B, we have Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia. Even though things are a bit “harder”, it is safe to say that Venezuela will not get to the knockout stage.

And, according to the odds, it is pretty likely that will see a Brazil vs. Argentina match, but that’s not quite sure yet. For us, the final match could be Brazil vs. Argentina, Chile, or Uruguay.

Looking at odds and overall team performance, our picks for Group A would be Argentina and Chile on top; for Group B, Brazil and Colombia; and for the final stages Brazil as the overall winner and Argentina or Chile on the second stand.

Win in Copa America with Luckbox

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To Sum Up

Copa America is one of the main football events that we can see every once in a while. For people who bet, this is the perfect time to use the Copa America 2021 predictions and the Luckbox bonus and win some extra cash for your bet and for your esports bets on the site while enjoying a different game.

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