Blizzard bring Overwatch goodies and more to Black Friday

Posted on November 22, 2018 - Last Updated on September 16, 2020

With Black Friday sales kicking off in earnest this week, it’s always interesting to see what the best deals are in the gaming world. Whether you just want to browse or have a vested interest in picking up something in the sales, now is the time. This year Blizzard have some sweet deals on Overwatch merchandise, StarCraft II and more! Fans can already get their hands on these price cuts and we couldn’t be happier.

Blizzard Entertainment

Whether you’re looking for something practical, or just want to show your enthusiasm for a particular franchise, Blizzard has you covered. The sale actually kicked off on Monday and is set to last until November 30th, so there is still plenty of time to get your hands on those bargains.

There are also great offers in the way of games too, so if there’s a title you’ve been eyeing up now is the time. If you want to enhance your gameplay, there are several different gaming gear products to be found as well, including some very cool headsets and keyboards. It’s the perfect excuse if you’ve been thinking of upgrading some of your gear but couldn’t justify the price. Speaking of, there’s even a Razer Deathadder Chroma mouse on sale, definitely worth picking up if you’ve been contemplating a new setup.

If you are wanting something more decorative, you’ll no doubt be pleased to hear that there is a great deal on Nendroid and Figma figurines of your favourite Overwatch characters. Mercy, Genji and Mei all have Nendroid options priced at only $25 each instead of the usual $50 and Tracer has both a Figma figure for $35 and a Nendroid to match the others at $25. They aren’t the only figures though, there are some great plush toys to be found as well we incredibly cute Blind Vinyl figures if you want something a little smaller.

For the collectors of the more unique, there are some great artwork collection books available, as well as themed glasses for your kitchen, mugs and even some bottle openers that are sure to make for some interesting conversations.

One of the largest sections contains clothing and here Bizzard has gone to town. There are the usual hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts, even a few baseball caps but it doesn’t stop there. A little different to the usual, there are scarfs, leggings and even a fantastic pair of slippers. So if you aren’t sure what to put on your Christmas lists, these are some great additions. Speaking of Christmas, make sure to check out the Overwatch Ugly Holiday sweater, it’s truly a sight to behold.

There’s a great selection to choose from this year, no matter which of the Blizzard games you enjoy. As always you have your standard collections, but most if not all games have a couple of really unique pieces of merchandise mixed in to keep things interesting. They make for great gifts for friends and families, or just a great treat for yourself so make sure to stop by the store before the sale is over.

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