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All you need to know about betting on Call of Duty at Betway

Posted on June 15, 2021

Call of Duty is one of the most valuable and prominent esports platforms in the industry. It’s a fan-favourite and an absolute hotbed of entertainment, esports betting, and money-making opportunities. If you’re an esports bettor, you’ll want to use the best sites and receive the most effective tips to win your wagers. With that in mind, let’s talk about you can succeed with a little Bet365 Call of Duty betting.

In this industry, every bet matters, especially when you’re placing wagers on a diverse competition like the CDL. It’s an unpredictable tournament that differs from week to week, and it features some of the hottest talent in the world. While there are many esportsbooks out there, not all of them offer the best odds or the most stable platform. However, Bet365 is a tried and tested service that has existed for many years.


Call of Duty Betting on Bet365

The Call of Duty League really is the only competition worth betting on in the COD esports space. It’s the top-tier competition for the franchise and it’s the aspirational tournament that players all over the world try and break into. Throughout the year, there are smaller Call of Duty tournaments that take place, but none are as important as the Call of Duty League.

Bet365 is a fantastic place for Call of Duty League betting. It has covered the competition since it started in 2020, and before that, the Call of Duty World League, as it was known. On Bet365, you’ll see an extensive list of Call of Duty odds, and some of the best and most advantageous odds around.

It couldn’t be easier to take part in a little Bet365 Call of Duty betting. Firstly, you’ll need to sign up for a Bet365 account and deposit some cash. Thankfully, Bet365 is a powerful platform that offers attractive welcome bonuses to all bettors. If you take advantage of these, you’ll be scoring big Call of Duty wins in no time at all.

Benefits of Bet365 Call of Duty Betting

When you bet on Bet365, you’re using a platform with more than twenty years of experience behind it. Bet365 is one of the oldest sportsbooks on the market, having been founded way back in 2000. Although it was focused primarily on traditional ‘IRL’ sports for many years, it transitioned to cover esports as the industry’s popularity grew.

Like many esportsbooks, Bet365 covers a range of titles, from CSGO to League of Legends, and from DOTA to Rainbow Six Siege. It’s a safe, secure, and popular platform – and a great place to spend your money betting on Call of Duty. If you need further convincing, we published a comprehensive Bet365 review.

One of the biggest benefits of Bet365 Call of Duty betting is the range of markets available. While some traditional sportsbooks might only offer one or two markets for Call of Duty, Bet365 has a wider variety available.


When you’re picking through the markets available on Bet365, you’ll see some interesting options. There are individual map markets, correct scores, handicaps, and of course, outright winners. As with any other sportsbook or esportsbook, Bet365 also offers the ability to create accumulators and multi-bet wagers.

Tips for Betting on Betway

If you’re looking for some Call of Duty League betting tips, we’ve got you covered. It can be a daunting prospect at first, especially as Bet365 has a wider range of markets than some other entry-level esportsbooks.

You’ll want to play it relatively safe if you’re new to esports betting. You can do this by taking advantage of risk-free welcome bonuses and offers, which include free bets. Then, you’ll want to play the safer markets, such as outright winners.

It’s advisable to learn a little bit about the Call of Duty League before you start throwing down cash against the tournament. Finally, don’t count out the underdog, as the unexpected team can often land the biggest win. The Call of Duty League is unpredictable and the best odds come from backing the weaker team.



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