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Posted on July 3, 2021 - Last Updated on July 5, 2021

Online esports betting gives players a lot of flexibility in combining multiple events on the same betting slip. One of the few limitations was in regard to adding several markets from the same match to create an accumulator. The bet builder solves this problem, by enabling punters to make the most of each game they watch and gamble. This is one of the latest additions to the world of esports, but it is a popular feature among people betting on traditional sports.

Betway Bet Builder

What is a Bet Builder?

The name pretty much speaks for itself, as the bet builder is a construction of distinct markets. Each bookmaker has its own approach and even uses different names for this new term. The good news is that whether you read a Betway review or a bet365 review, once you understand what is a bet builder, you’ll be able to apply the concepts to all bookmakers.

This unique betting mechanic used to allow punters to create personalized bets on traditional sports. It quickly proved its worth for people betting on football, tennis, ice hockey and other popular games. The transition to esports betting was silky smooth, but it came a bit late. The reason why bookmakers are reluctant to offer this feature for video games is that savvy punters can take advantage. Once you understand how does bet builder work, you can combine complementary markets to boost the odds.

What Markets can be Combined?

The bet builder allows for combinations of bets that would normally be unavailable when you focus on a single game. To understand how does the bet builder work, it’s important to look at different types of combo bet options. Football fans enjoy an incredible variety of possible market combination, including many that are complementary. There are fewer such options for tennis, basketball and ice hockey and even fewer if you want to bet on esports.

Bookmakers want to make sure that when you use the bet builder, you don’t essentially place the same wager in a different way. Instead, punters are allowed to bet on several events that don’t automatically imply each other. For instance, you can bet on a League of Legends match winner, the first team to destroy a tower and the first blood. You would have to win all of them for the accumulator to win, and the success of one bet doesn’t imply accomplishment of another.

There can be significant differences between how a bet builder at Betway works compared to other bookies. This includes the number and type of betting markets that can be added on the same betting slip. Some esports books can be more restrictive than others and the diminishing return on combined odds can also differ. That’s why, even if you know how to do bet builder on bet365, you should pay attention when placing a similar battle at other bookmakers.

Can I use the Bet Builder Live?

Once again, this special bet is subject to different rules depending on the bookmaker of choice. The bet builder at Betway is available both pregame and live, so there are no limitations in this regard. On the other hand, you can’t combine this special bet with pregame and live markets. The moment players activate the bet builder option, the total number of available betting markets shrinks immediately.

Whether you bet before the match has started or live, the combined odds will not be the perfect multiplier. More precisely, bookmakers will reduce the total odds by a percentage that can vary from one operator to the other. Once you learn how to do bet builder on bet365, you need to take a closer look at the manner and the odds are impacted. The diminishing returns are unavoidable, but the total odds can be reduced severely when betting on markets regarded as virtually identical by the bookmaker.

One of the common limitations when using the bet builder is that you can’t activate the cash out feature. This can be a bit frustrating if you have added multiple markets on the same betting slip. It is common for punters to cash out winnings on big accumulators with large potential winnings. On the bright side, you can manually ensure the bet by placing a wager on the opposing outcome. In many cases the live odds are just as good as those normally offered through the cash out feature.

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