Basketball Betting Tips & Tricks

The Best Streategy for Betting on Backetball Explained


Basketball is a popular sport that is played across the world. While the most popular basketball competition is North America’s NBA, there are also plenty of other leagues across the world. The sport is hugely popular in Europe, and there is plenty of great betting value available for astute basketball bettors in European leagues, as well as elsewhere in the world.

In this article, we’ll tell you a bit more about how to find basketball betting tips. You’ll discover that the key to successful basketball betting is to know as much as possible about the sport and its latest goings on. As with all other kinds of sports betting, the secret to successful wagering on basketball is knowledge. Read on to find out more!

Follow the latest basketball news

Following all of the latest basketball news is a really crucial thing to do if you want to find the best basketball betting tips. Anyone who wants to formulate a successful basketball betting strategy should make sure that they stay abreast of all the latest events in their favoured sport. While you can follow this news via the sports pages of traditional sports media, you should also make a point of using social media to stay informed.

Players or journalists’ Twitter accounts and Facebook pages are often great sources of breaking news, and you just might find the type of killer insight that helps you bet successfully. It also helps to keep up with rumours and other gossip. Stories that a player is hiding an injury, for example, or that they want to move to another club, might be just what you need to place a winning bet this weekend.

Explore virtual basketball betting options

Virtual sports have become very popular in recent years with sports betting fans. Virtual sports are where bettors place wagers on computer generated sporting contests. Teams are assigned differing abilities and skill levels, and the results of races or matches are determined by Random Number Generators.

You can find out what sort of virtual basketball betting options there are on offer at bookies by checking out our reviews of the best betting sites.

Use social media to find basketball betting tips

Social media has emerged in recent years as a great source of basketball betting tips. While social media channels such as Twitter and Reddit can help you stay well informed about all of the latest news events, they can also be a great source of betting tips and advice.

Reddit threads about betting can be a place where you will find basketball betting explained. You can source useful tips and advice from more seasoned punters who have garnered more experience of basketball betting. While they can point you in the direction of where to find the best tips, they can also offer advice on which bet types to use to take the fullest possible advantage of any tips that you might find. We’ll tell you a bit about the various types of bet that you can place on basketball next.

Make sure you understand basketball bet types

An important thing to do when looking for tips for betting on basketball is to understand the various types of bets that can be placed on basketball. A good way to assess what types of bet are available at differing bookies is to read articles such as our Bet365 review. Once you have selected the right bookie, you can fully explore the different bet types on offer.

In truth, betting on basketball is pretty similar to betting on other team sports such as soccer. The simplest bet type is the outright, where you look to bet on the overall winner of a league or competition. You can also place 1×2 bets, where you attempt to select the winner of an individual match. Accumulators are a great way of combining several bets onto one coupon and boosting the odds.


As you can see, finding great basketball betting tips is a case of staying as aware as possible about everything that is going on in the world of basketball. You should make sure that you stay as up to date as possible with all of the latest basketball news. It can help if you focus on just two or three teams rather than trying to take in entire leagues or countries.

You should also use social media to stay abreast of news and rumours, and you should follow the social media channels of basketball journalists as well as teams and players. Speaking to more experienced bettors on sites like Reddit can also give you crucial tips on how to make the best use of any information or news that you might have picked up. In the end, successful basketball betting comes down to you knowing as much as possible about the sport.