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Posted on September 7, 2021 - Last Updated on June 8, 2022

The Afreeca Starleague is one of the biggest esports tournaments in the Starcraft space today. Since 2016, the world’s greatest Starcraft players have competed in this event, and there’s often a considerable prize pool up for grabs – some $70,000. Now, the great Starcraft talent is set to do battle once again, and we’re here to discuss the all-important ASL 12 predictions.

How Is The ASL 12 Played?

Even today, there are competitors on the field that played in the first-ever ASL season, five years ago. On the ultimate stage, twenty-eight players have qualified to fight for the grand prize – $25,000. As the tournament opens, players are pitted against one another in a tense round of 24 group stage. This stage adopts a dual tournament, best-of-one format, meaning every mistake will cost players greatly.

Out of the six groups, two players from each will advance into the next stage, a round of 16. Following a more complex round of combat, the elimination stage begins, leading up to the immense semi- and grand final rounds, which are formatted with a best-of-seven style. At present, three groups have already competed, but let’s discuss the ASL 12 predictions for the remaining three groups.


ASL 12 Predictions: Group Stages

The ASL Starcraft event is hugely important for the players involved. It’s one of the few opportunities to win some huge prizes playing the game they all love. Ultimately, this is one of the best Starcraft Remastered tournaments in the landscape, and winning even a group stage is a fantastic achievement.

Let’s break down the groups.

Group D: Soma, HyuN, Mong, BarrackS

This group opens with Soma playing against HyuN, and Mong competing against BarrackS. On paper, Soma and Mong should reign victorious in those fixtures, but as we know with esports, anything is possible. For this round of ASL 12 predictions, we’d pick Soma, the youngest player of the group, to win. After all, he came second in ASL Season 10 last year, and he’s got a lot to prove.

Group E: Action, Leta, Stork, beast

Group E is a stacked one, with three out of the four competitors having been competing in Starcraft for more than a decade. The most legendary player in the group (and the oldest) is Stork, who has claimed some $280k in Starcraft winnings since 2009. In fact, 2021 has been a relatively strong year for Stork so far, so we’d pick him to win Group E.

Group F: Light, Ruin, Shine, sOrry

This is one of the most mixed groups of the stage, containing both legendary veterans and rookie players. Shine is a remarkable competitor, but he hasn’t seen the grand final since ASL Season 3, way back in 2017. Light came second in last year’s ASL Season 9, so he’ll be chasing a big win this time around. As our ASL 12 predictions wrap up, we’ll award this group to Light.

What About The Betting?

If you’re looking for Starcraft Brood War betting tips, it’s likely for this competition right here. There’s a great chance you’re going to bet on the Afreeca Starleague, but you’ll need some handy tips if you want to succeed.

We can recommend some top tips to go with these ASL 12 predictions:

  1. Get to know the competitors, their form, and their record in ASL Starcraft.
  2. Learn the game and understand how it’s played, the rules, and what a win looks like.
  3. Play the field a little and pick up the various offers and welcome bonuses from different esports bookmakers (like Betway Esports).

Above all else, make sure you enjoy the AfreecaTV Starcraft League Remastered Season 12 event. It’s sure to be exciting, and it’ll make a few Starcraft players a lot richer.

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