Ashe has a small problem, Blizzard have a solution on the way

Posted on November 21, 2018 - Last Updated on September 30, 2020

New hero Ashe has been released on the live servers for Overwatch for just over a week now, and players have been utilizing her explosive skill-set to great benefit. There has, however, been one small problem though, aiming. Not the best start for a gun based character, but thankfully Blizzard is already working on a fix.


Players have had trouble consistently hitting with what should be a high-precision hero. No one expects the dynamite to be accurate, but they do expect to be able to land bullets reliably. Blizzard has already identified the culprit, thanks to help from players, feedback and internal testing but the solution will take a little while to hit the live servers.

If you’ve been experiencing a lackluster feel with Ashe, the cause is not actually down to lag as some players have speculated. The problem actually lies with animations while aiming down the gun sights. Aim down sight (ADS) should allow for more accurate shooting, your vision is narrowed and the focus is put on the center of the sight. What should be a great way to get headshots, has unfortunately become a great way to end up missing completely.

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Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan has explained in great detail, that essentially the problem occurs for players who are on PC and have more than 60 fps. While there is no lag, the animations become choppy and this makes it much harder to aim. The solution is to smooth out these animations and will mean that players can keep up with the action, even when zoomed in.

Fans hoping for an imminent fix are unfortunately going to have to wait a bit. Patch 1.31 is currently live on the PTR servers, but it will not include the much-anticipated fix for Ashe. That fix is currently scheduled for patch 1.32 and will require a bit of a wait. Blizzard is aware that this is killing the experience for a lot of Ashe players, but they’re also cautious about implementing the solution too soon. There is a lot of coding and change required to smooth things out, and as ever that could break a few other things in the process. Rather than rush it, Blizzard wants to take the tactic of taking their time and getting it right, rather than rushing the patch out the door.

There isn’t a timescale for patch 1.32 yet, there is a new update for 1.31 due Monday but that is as much of a commitment as Blizzard are willing to make at this point. It’s a shame Ashe has had a bit of a bumpy start, but the problems seem to be restricted to only a portion of the player base, which is better than it could be. With some luck patch, 1.31 will pass smoothly through testing and get a quick release so that Blizzard can get cracking on 1.32. Hopefully, enthusiasm for the gun-toting gang leader won’t have disappeared completely by the time we see this important update.

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