All Overwatch Halloween’s Heroes

Posted on October 11, 2018 - Last Updated on September 22, 2020

It’s almost time to dust off the pumpkins and polish the skeletons in the closet. Trick or treating children will be running amok in the neighbourhood before we know it. Thankfully, Overwatch fans don’t need to miss out on the fun either as Blizzard has already released the Halloween update for Overwatch!

This year sees the return of the Halloween Terror even including a fan-favourite game mode! Junkenstein’s Revenge is the base defence co-op match mode that pits 4 players against Dr. Junkenstein and not only his minions, but also some of our fan-favorite characters (of course, dressed up for the occasion). Players must defend the gates against minions and mini-bosses across multiple waves of combat. There are two main modes, timed and endless so players can choose which type of game mode they’d like to try. In our opinion, it’s worth trying them both!

Halloween isn’t just about new and fun game modes though, there are of course exciting new skins and poses, other loot and some of last years skins up for grabs in case you missed them the first time around. Lootboxes have been replaced with candy buckets and players will get at least one Halloween themed item in each bucket they open. There’s even a great offer of 50 buckets with 10 free which makes for some good value for money if you’re planning to drop some cash on Overwatch this month.

Wondering which characters have gotten new skins this year? We’ve got you covered.

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Moira has been dramatically made over and now appears as a banshee, giving the scientist a seriously spooky feel. Pharah appears to have gotten in a little over her head and now has a new set of enchanted armor up for grabs. McCree has gotten a bad case of the undead, though thankfully remains as trigger happy as ever. Widowmaker is embracing her arachnid side and now sports some rather decorative spider webs. Doomfist has undergone a truly terrifying transformation, and can now be played in matches as a swamp monster.

Not to be outdone though Soldier 76 is embracing his killing side, and sporting a very appropriate hockey mask in the process. Sombra is making her debut as the Bride of Junkenstein this year, adding some thrills and chills to her cool hacking combos. Mei is really embracing the protective powers of the pumpkin (it’s a lesser known skill). The final entry with a new skin this year is Wrecking Ball, where our lovable if devious hamster appears to have unleashed his inner beast. A Halloween fuzzy horror, he can now take to the battlefield in none other than his expertly carved pumpkin mech!

Last year’s skins are still up for grabs, so whether you’re keen to get hold of the Symmetra dragon skin, or have been waiting for a chance to snap up the Witch skin for Mercy now is the time! There are of course plenty of sprays, voice lines and even some great victory poses and intro sequences to be unlocked as well. If there was ever going to be a good time to give Overwatch a go, this is it. So join in the festivities and whether you choose to play the holiday-themed game modes, or just want to expand your growing character customization option collection, you’re bound to have a fantastic time!

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