Visor – the AI that claims it can teach you to become an Overwatch pro

Posted on August 24, 2018 - Last Updated on September 30, 2020

‘Git gud!’ – Who hasn’t heard that at least once while playing their favourite MP games? Whether it’s from a skilled player that is fed up with noobs or an angry 12-year old kid that can barely point his gun at the enemy, it’s a more than common phrase.

Of course, it’s not that simple is it? Getting better at Overwatch (or any online game) isn’t as easy as playing a few more matches and then becoming world champ. No, it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, time… or maybe just an AI?

Now, we’ve all used cheat-codes at some point in time of course, but Visor, an AI that claims it can dramatically increase your abilities in Overwatch feels like a real-world cheat code. It’s specific to Overwatch and claims to be able to turn you into an expert by giving advice while you play.

The Visor website boasts: “Whether you are a new player or a seasoned veteran, we all come from the same place. We remember the late nights grinding Starcraft until 3am, and the excitement of fulfilling our virtual destinies together. Visor’s real-time feedback and in-game insights are all about helping you make the most out of those moments, from simple things like winning your first build off on Fortnite all the way to parrying 15 consecutive hits of Chun-Li’s Senretsukyaku.”


That’s… a pretty tall claim, isn’t it? As for how Visor plans to do that: It analyses every millisecond of play and will use over 150.000 data points to tell you what you, specifically, need to do in order to ‘Git gud’. Visor’s comments cover both how to adjust your playstyle according to the other players in the match and how to use your skills and abilities on your map.

Visor will advise you when to unleash certain weapons and when to target other players in real time. The site’s blog states: “For the first time, gamers can now get powerful in-game insights and instant performance feedback while they play. Visor uses an intuitive combination of overlays, visual alerts, and audio cues to surface actionable information at exactly the right time so players can improve dynamically — without ever leaving the game. Having this level of insight means that gamers can adjust, learn and improve during a match before it even ends. Visor helps gamers of every skill level understand and take control of their gameplay so they can have more fun playing, whether they win or lose.”

The software can be downloaded and installed for free, via its website here: The service is still in its Beta phase and is only available for PC at the moment, but if Visor can really do what it promises, it could change the Overwatch scene dramatically – do you know someone who could use this gadget?

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