1x2 Betting Tips

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There are many markets to pick from when you’re betting on sports – or esports. While some are quite complex and difficult to succeed in, others are more traditional and little simpler. With 1×2 betting, even the newest, most inexperienced bettor can pick up a few easy wins. To that end, we’re here today to discuss the best 1×2 betting tips the industry has to offer.

What Is 1×2 Betting?

This is likely the easiest market to understand, despite the term not being immediately obvious. In easy terms, 1×2 betting involves betting on the straight outcome of a given fixture or match. When you’re throwing down a 1×2 bet, you’ll be picking the win, draw, or loss option. This is where the term ‘1×2’ is derived from.

  • 1: Home win
  • x: Draw
  • 2: Away win

There are very few variables that you’ll need to consider when placing 1×2 bets. The terms aren’t complex by any means, and there’s almost no need to even follow the match or fixture itself as it unravels. In reality, all you need to be concerned about is the final result. Let’s put together an example scenario to explain how the numbers work with 1×2 betting:

Premier League: Arsenal vs. Chelsea

Arsenal (H) to win: 2.75

Draw: 3.65

Chelsea (A) to win: 1.40

So, if you were to place a £10 wager on Chelsea to win the match (picking the ‘2’ from 1×2), you’d receive a return of £14. That’s the long and short of it, but if Arsenal was to win, or the match ended in a draw, you’d lose the bet and your original stake.

For the sake of clarity, we’ll highlight that 1×2 betting is also known as ‘match betting’, ‘win draw win’, or ‘fulltime betting’.

How To Place 1×2 Bets

It really couldn’t be easier to place 1×2 bets, regardless of which sportsbook you’re betting with. When you log into a website like Bet365 or Betway, you’ll need to navigate towards your sport of choice. Now, almost all 1×2 betting takes place in the wide world of football (or virtual sports), as it’s one of the only sports where a straight draw is possible.

Not only that, but a draw is much more likely to occur on a regular basis, making the ‘x’ a valid choice for bettors.

In most cases, the sportsbook will display the win, draw, loss markets as the first and most popular option. While you’ll need to navigate a little deeper to access exotic markets and handicaps, the w/d/l, or 1×2 markets, are staring at you from the moment you get started.

1x2 Betting Tips

Best 1×2 Betting Tips

As with any market, the best advice is often to take it slow and be responsible. It is in no way advised to focus on the big odds and huge returns, but instead, you should play a safer game with less risk. If you want to boost your potential return, you can use multiple 1×2 bets to build an accumulator or a multi-line wager.

Another way to boost the potential outcome is to step ever-so-slightly outside the 1×2 betting realms. With this maneuver, you’ll be placing what’s called a double chance variant, betting on two of the potential 1×2 outcomes. It’s a little more complex, as you’ll need to consider some basic mathematics when picking your double chance options.

Of course, one of the best 1×2 betting tips we can offer is to learn a little about the teams themselves. While you can bet blind and hope your luck holds out, a little knowledge goes a long way. In most cases, the odds themselves will be enough to give you a brief overview of any given team’s profile.

However, something as simple as a glance at a league table might be enough to weigh the odds in your favour. If a bottom-table side is taking on the number one team in the standings, the end result might be easier to predict. Although, we will say that the underdog shouldn’t ever be left out entirely. This is where the biggest return resides, and if you’re willing to run a little risk, the reward might be more beneficial.

Finally, you should take the time to shop around. It’ll pay off to identify different sportsbooks, as offers and odds will differ from place to place.

Is 1×2 Betting Safe?

As with any market, 1×2 betting will never be totally safe. There’s always a risk involve in gambling – that’s literally why it’s called ‘gambling’ in the first place. However, if you want to remove as much risk as possible, you can always play the smaller odds and more obvious, easy-to-predict options.

Fortunately, 1×2 betting is as legitimate as gambling can get. It is offered by every single platform out there, and almost every bettor places a 1×2 bet at some point along their journey. It’s a simple market, easy to learn, and boasts a low knowledge requirement.

Finally, as many sportsbooks offer these markets, it’s easy to find win draw win predictions. Whether you’re betting with traditional sportsbooks or esports bookmakers, you’ll soon be ready to understand the win draw win meaning.

Good luck!